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Ict Planning?


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Need to know if any recption teacher plans seperately for ICT. The head(who has no early years experience or KS1)

dropped in to observe a colleagues ICT lesson. he could not make any sense of the objectives in KUW. He wanted to know why the ICT medium term plans were not being used. My colleague tried to explain that the objectives were fron the EYFS, however, he has decided that is not good enough and he wants to see the ICT plans used. As it is seperate numeracy and literacy plans are used, next he will be wanting to see seperate science, history, geography, RE, art, Dt.......................! Surely this is not how the Foundation should be, I am beginning to loose hope. i am so glad I am in the nursery.

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I do plan separately for ICT in as much as I plan a session in the ICT suite each week where I teach skills but I use the FSCG not QCA which I presume you mean. It can be a bit difficult to determine exactly what skills should be taught as I have several different checklists. However, perhaps you should direct your head to something like this although it hasnt been updated and is now quite old I expect its still all valid.

This all goes on one weekly planner though!

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I can understand why you are losing hope! :o


If you show the new EYFS document to your HT (or of course the present FS Curriculum), drawing his attention to the KUW (ICT) section, he will clearly see what progression is expected. This is the Foundation Stage Curriculum we are expected to work to, not KS1 or KS2 National Curriculum.


I teach in Reception Class and do not produce medium or long term plans for ICT. My aim over the year is to inspire and introduce the children to the wonders of ICT in their everyday life. As you will be aware this covers a wide area not simply using the computers. However, we are timetabled for an ICT slot every week and this is when we can have use of the laptops from the suite. At the moment I am able to manage around 12 laptops at one time. I have had to really fight to have two laptops permanently in the classroom as of course I feel that this is good EYS practice. The children use these at their will, and are therefore able to develop and refine early control skills.


At the end of the Reception Year I would expect that most children will be able to log on and off the laptops; access programs by recognising icons; use and understand ICT language; recognise and name various parts of the computer; efficiently control the mouse pad; click and drag; use the keyboard etc. etc.


I do not produce Long/Medium ICT Plans, but my Learning Objectives for each week are shown in my weekly planning. These are dependent upon the needs and stages of development of the children.


Hope I have been of some help.

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Thanks Susan and Centurians

Year R also have atimetabled slot in the ICT suite and plan using the EYFS and through this I know they meet all the requierements and the skills the children need. I feel the head just needs to spend time with us looking at the EYFS and understanding it.

Many thanks.

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