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Hi, does anyone have the 'right' letters to offer an applicant a job (as an assistant in a pre-school) and one to inform other applicants they haven't been successful? This is the first time i have done this and i'm stumped as to what to write! I have been lucky enough to work with the same team for 7 years so never needed to until now!!

Thank you.

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Perhaps you should telephone your first choice applicant and confirm it in writing, if you havent already?

Then you could say something like this is to confirm our offer of a job as xxx at xxx starting on xxx.

and to the others, thank you for your interest in the position of xxx at xxx. We are sorry to inform you that at this time you have not been successful.


Any good?

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We had to employ someone after 10 years!


This is the letters we sent.


One for yes you got the job, one for no you didn't get job, one to confirm job after trial period.


As for if they are the 'right' letter, that is for you to decide. :o



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