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:D Would just like to Thank everyone who have posted to myself and Tracey with emails concerning our campaign regarding many aspects to our frustrated Early Years profession, which OUR FILE will be past to my MP very soon .............. and will keep everyone posted!


and BIG THANKS to Tracey for getting the ball rolling.............fantastic motor skills, cognitive development, great sharing and taking turns skills, fantastic 'language' development !!!??..........


Julia x

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Guest rhodessj

Don't forget PSE - the knowledge that so many people share the same view has a massive impact on self esteem!!


Sandra :D

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hotgoss aka Tracey.

This time last year I thought I was the only one in this position and now ........................................... its great to have so much support.

I have had the details of fax your MP printed in this months practical pre-school and the details of my website are going in Junes issue.

If anyone else has any other ideas for our campaign please let us know.

I really hope that we can make a difference , and that something good will come out of all this hard work.

Thanks to everyone especially to Julia , can't wait until your MP comes and you pass over OUR FILE !!

The department for education have politely said that they have enough information for now , but if I don't hear from them I've got another three pages of views about old qualifications to pass onto them.

I will keep you informed

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