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Living Barriers Which Move!


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I'm looking for a living (as in plant) barrier or structure which could be used as a barrier but have plants attached/planted?!


Basically I'd like to make a distinction from one area to another with this structure or whatever anyone can come up with. This will help us to stop the children having access to too large a space as we will have a large outdoors when we move.


I'm hoping to get something natural looking, which acts as a visual reminder rather than a phyiscally immoveable structure as we'd like to change the area cordoned off on a regular basis.


(Oooh golly, I hope that makes sense).


Has anyone got any ideas?

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How lovely to be moving to a large garden !

What about trying to make a frame with hinges and put bamboo in the middle of each square, a bit like those dividers you see in catalog's for living rooms? It should work if you have at least 3/4 sections. If you want any permanent barriers we have had great success with a tunnel which leads to a round 'Yurt' like covered circle at the end all made from young willow planted in the ground.

Bamboo, which you can get in amazing colors, for example red or black stalks, grows really quickly and makes a lovely sound when windy. Hazel also grows quickly, but obviously these are permanent.


Living through Landscapes may have some garden divider ideas.


Good luck!



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