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Hello everyone,


I have had such a fab week this week celebrating Diwali. It was so adaptable for Creative (making Diwas) Mathematical Dev (Rangoli patterns) Phy Dev (firework dancing), Literacy (sequencing Rama & Sita story) KUW (learing about other cultures) PSED (the whole topic)


So come week beginning 19th Nov, we will be celebrating Guru Nanaks Birthday, which incorporates some fab Birthday ideas, but does anyone have ideas which incorporates Sikhism and Guru Nanak specifically?


I know there is a parade held the day before his birthday, so thought this would be good to replicate. I thought the children could make some shakers/ flags/ hats to adorn at our 'parade'.


Does anyone have any other ideas???

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Hi Crackers

We had a great time as well, the children loved it. You could link it from Divali by using candles as the Golden temple is always illuminated with hundreds of candles and lamps because Guru Nanak illuminated people's lives. After the 'parade' you could also offer food as this is what happens in the temple kitchen, the langar. How about making Chapattis and cucumber raita?

Hope this gives you some ideas?

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