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Hi all

can anyone point me in the right direction for some activites for colour. spending a week or so on it in our reception class. Nedd to cover the six areas and can bring in anything to support light and celebration too.

Have thought of the usual such as Elmer, colour mixing etc but need to really extend my able childrne now.

i know i can rely on you all.


PS did fireworks this week. 2 activited we did were great. 1 we cut out firework shapes and stuck them to the outdoor whiteboard and then the chn flicked paint at them ( spray bottles had broken) looked really cool. 2. Chn cut out a firework shape and stuck it on to back paper they then used glitter finger paint to add the sparks coming out of the fireworks. They look really cool-just thought i'd share these as maybe they can be adapted for other topics.

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Using paint to do marbling is always great.


also, my local infant did a nativity where the children had different coloured lanterns and the song went;


Red lanterns, red lanterns coming down the street,

listen to the carol singers coming down the street

Joy to the world

Joy to the worlkd

sing a song of joy to the world.


and so on.


I know it read funny, but it's catchy anmd easy enough for all the children to sing or chant.



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Our children love hand print colour mixing.

Have ready flat containers, or sponges are good, filled with the 3 primary colours.


Printing in a horizontal line. The child puts left hand in one colour ( say red) and prints onto paper, then leave a gap, then right hand in another colour ( say blue), print next to the red, then the best bit, the child rubs hands together, then prints one hand, purple, next to the blue. I then put a plus and equal sign beside the relevant hand prints. ( preschool). Your reception children may be able to do this themselves.


Playdough, different coloured balls, again, have a red ball, mix with a blue ball, hey presto, a purple ball.


Have fun.



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Hi Maybe you could use colour dominoes, or colour shapes dominoes?


Look at the rainbow and learn the rhyme to remmeber the colours

Look at what make s the rainbow and maybe make their own outside if nice and sunny and pour water from can to create those lovely colours


maybe the children could learn to sign the colours respecting the needs of others

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hi me again

Had another thought play physical with a parachute & colours getting the ball to go round the circle of parachute and do this by lowering each colour as the ball comes round

Its good fun, exciting and kids love it

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