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E Profile And Early Learning Goals- Confused


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Am I being really thick? When looking in the document birth to 5, foundation stage curriculum. I looked at the 'early learning goals' .. are they the same as the 1-9 points in e profile? I am totally confused and new to foundation stage. Any help appreciated.

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First Im going to move this out of eprofile as it really about profile and ELGs. The eprofile is the electronic means by which you can record profile attainment as is the paper booklet. Points 1-9 in each of 13 scales make the profile and the means by which you record this is optional, eprofile, booklet or any other way you might wish as long as those scores are reported at the end of each school year and that is statutory!


Points 1,2, 3 largely relate to stepping stones so are pre ELG in new framework.


Points 4-8 relate to ELGs but in some scales directly match while in others they may be a combination of several ELGs, which is probably why you feel confused.


Point 9 shows achievement over and above ELGs and there is some debate as to whether this is NC level 1 or above. In some scales, the depth or breadth of point 9 is huge.

Point 9 can not be achieved until all other points have been scored and the eprofile will not allow you to do so!


All elements of each point need to be achieved for the point to be scored.


There are also varying demands for points 1, 2, 3 to be achieved before 4-8 and the eprofile offers a warning if you do not score these first but as we all know children do not develop logically and it is possible for some elements to be achieved before others. You may need to check with your LEA what they advise.


Points 1-8 are otherwise not hierarchical and can be scored in any order.


The score at the end of the year relates to the total number of points in each scale so a score of 6 could be points 1,2,3,4,6,8. or 1,2,3,4,5,6. etc.


Hope that helps a little

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