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I have a list of early years and foundation stage web sites that I have attached to this topic. I wondered if anyone can add to this- or have some other fantastic sites they have found that they can share with all of us?

I have also attached a list of places to find stories on line- some animated - some in big book format.





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ooh, thanks Marion, I've always wanted access to your web links, you always seem to have one to hand for every enquiry. xD:o


Thanks suzybell for yours too, I downlowded them from your previous posts. :(



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A favourite of mine when I was teaching Reception was www.poissonrouge.com - lots of colourful, interactive activities which the children loved, good for the whiteboard during child-initiated time.


Greetings to all from Southern Brittany (three weeks now I am retired). Now they have Wi-Fi on the site where our mobile home is, I can still get my 'fix' of the Forum.

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