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Building Theme - Any Song Ideas


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I am just about to start a mini topic on buiding as we are currently having a new nursery built. I will take the children over to the site to look at the work and hopefully have one of the builders in to talk to the children. I am going to set the role play area up as a builders yard using play tools, builders dressing up clothes, clipboards, plans and paint charts etc. I am also going to use the little vanish pots for pots of paints for them to sell in the shop.

We are going to make little bricks out of salt dough and dry them out, cover cereal boxes with red/orange sugar paper and make brick print paper.

I have lots of good ideas, but am struggling with songs to use which fit with the theme. I was going to teach them the Bob the builder song but was hoping someone could come up with other suggestions to help.

Also any ideas of books which would link with this theme would be of great help. I have come up with bob the builder stories and Miss Brick the builders baby.

Many Thanks


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What about "gonna build a house"

Gonna build a house, gonna build a house

with a chimney tall, Repeat

Gonna build a roof repeat

and a garden wall

with a a big front door that can open wide

two small windows you can peep inside

gonna build a house gonna build a house


You can do actions to this one too

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Build a house with 5 bricks


Put a roof on top and a chimney wide

Where the wind blows through




My little house won't stand up straight

-sorry can't remember the words it's in This Little Puffin



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