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To find out more about the jump ahead programme i have talked about in previous posts- please follow the link below:



Any questions- just ask here.. thank you


from west sussex site:

sorry- should have said a bit more:

‘Jump Ahead’, a joint initiative between the Inclusion Support Team, Occupational and Physiotherapy Services, is a graded intervention programme devised for children with motor co-ordination difficulties.


Research indicates that approximately 6% of children experience significant difficulties with motor co-ordination, which impacts on learning and may affect self-esteem and confidence.


A ‘Jump Ahead’ handbook was devised to support schools in meeting the needs of these children, focusing on sensory motor integration and perceptual motor skills. The introduction provides theoretical background and guidance, with the programme itself comprising three termly stages, which are colour coded. Each stage incorporates five focus areas with five tasks for each area, providing a range of activities for developing skills. Each activity outlines the task, its purpose, equipment required and suggested observation points. Progress is monitored throughout the programme and includes a pre and post assessment.


Want to know more? Visit the links above...

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