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Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying the break. Please, please can someone help me? I'm looking for some inspiration please, can anyone suggest any ideas for literacy for reception please, e.g. writing etc. I am going to be observed for this lesson.

Thanks in advance


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We've done a 'train ride' through school before - children line up to make a human train. Go through school whispering 'We're off on a train ride ... what will we see/hear (think we were doing senses when we did it so might have changed the words)'. When we stopped children had to be very quiet and listen/look. When we got back to class children brainstormed all the things they'd seen or heard. They could then draw a picture if you wanted and write a caption or mark make.


Or you could do your own version ... maybe into town, spotting things they might see on route ... McDonalds etc. Depends very much on where your children are up to - I've done this in the summer term with children writing a page to make a class big book, but I'm not sure I'd attempt this so early in the year.


You could also set up a role play area - very quick - a table for buying tickets, a few chairs for the train. Sp and list asking for tickets - writing destination, maths paying for tickets, could also have a conductor checking tickets.


Good luck with the observation,


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Ask: have you ever been on a journey like this?

Children talk in pairs to tell each other.

Share stories.

Write or dictate stories.


In story circle make up a new story together.


Children shut their eyes as they go into tunnel- children visualise what they saw when they came out of tunnel-tell partner, paint or draw.


Using the ‘What can I see’, ‘That’s what I see’ pattern as model. Share write a couple of verses together as a class.


Individuals now write own verse captions to hang with the paintings.


Individuals write own train journey stories.

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We did building a train outside with crates, wooden blocks and tyres. Children chose where to go and we pretended to look out the window and see different things. The children also went on a trian ride round school repeating phrases from the book. They took a clipboard and paper with them to draw what they saw. More able children wrote initial sound. We also made train shaped books where children wrote 'I see a ...' and I provided the rest of the sentences from the book. We also provided paper with curtains on (as if looking out of a train window). Children could choose to design the curtains and draw/paint what they saw out of the window. I also provided the children with a train track and trains. We also printed trains and carriages with train shaped sponges and added cotton wool for the smoke etc. We also linked this to numeracy and made carriages using two different colours (large multilink) and children added how many carriages all together with the more able recording this as a number sentence.

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