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I am supporting a setting at present who are having real trouble with a little boy who nips (quite hard!) when frustrated. Staff have been working with the parents to ensure a consistent approach to tackling this behaviour however there has been no change so far. It possibly just a stage the child is going through but the parents are really concerned about their child hurting others and despite re-assurance from the staff they may consider taking him out of the playgroup. Does anyone have a specific policy/procedure around this for them to try or know of any good articles which could be passed to the staff and parents to support them?


Thanks everyone


Paula x

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We had a little boy who bit. The only thing that got through to him was when we said how upset he made us when he hurt other children. It didn't totally stop it but the amount of times reduced. The only other thing is what you are Probably doing anyway catching him before he gets too frustrated.

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Hi Paula


If you type 'biting' into the 'search forum posts' at the top right of the screen you will see that it is quite a common problem and something we all need to deal with at some point.


It would be very sad if parents felt that they had to withdraw this child from your setting. You will find lots of advice if you do a search as suggested, including information for parents so hopefully they will not feel so bad.


I remember when it happened in our setting, reading that it is more common in boys particularly in September at the beginning of term. You could also try searching the internet.


One thing we did was to buy a couple of books from Amazon. One was entitled 'Teeth are not for biting' which we would read with the child, with the group and give to the parent to borrow and read at home.


The other one we bought I cannot remember the name of, but it was something like 'we do not kick/hit/bite/spit at our friends ..... we can kick a ball, bite an apple etc. If you type in Teeth are not for biting when searching Amazon it will come up with a list of alternatives as well.


Hope that's some help, very difficult for everyone involved but you will get through it.


Good luck.

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Thanks for that


I'll have a look in the forums to see if there are any past articles/posts and also check the internet.


Thanks again x

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