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Yesterday i had an unexpected parcel arrive! We had all been on a maths training course supplied by our early years team and we got free materials called counting crazy. This is a crate full of great bits to encourge counting such ascounting pots, pompoms, bells, star flakes, counters, number cards and more! What a great tool this will be for our setting. Many thanks to our suppotive early years team!

The crate came with "notes" which is full of games to play with the items, on the back is a web site WWW.BEAM.CO.UK this site is worth a look as it gives loads of ideas for maths games and in varying ages. Some of the games require the children to colour in as they go or add bits to complete the game. I thought i would share this with you all as a useful tool as to how to make your own games!!! I'm not sure on some of them as hey do look a bit work sheety!! :o but a good tool to gain ideas!!

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Guest tinkerbell

Thanks Lesley



I think it has to be in lowercase letters.



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