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Got Money Horray


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Hi all I have been given some money to develop my early years room.

At present I have very little I have been told to think about my areas and the furniture I need shelving etc.

I also Have money for equipment.

The areas I need to develop are nature/science/ku



block areaOutside area (to set up each morning)

creative zone

All really.

Has anyone got any ideas. THANKS :o

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Hi Sophiemarie

how lovely to have some money to spend :o We are holding a sponsored event in a couple of weeks to raise money to enhance our KUW provision. We want to make a 'bug world'. We thought we might buy a unit from ikea in the children's section. It's the wooden step one with shelving for deep and shallow trays- much cheaper than some education catalogues. On these we will put stick insect houses and giant african land snails. We want to purchase some lovely wooden magnifying glasses we have seen and some more investigating resources to help equip it, including books and posters on mini-beasts. I thought about buying a camouflage net to hang over the top like a jungle canopy... just to make more of an impact in this area.

there is so much out there on the market that sometimes its difficult to make sure the spending is worth it. I know in the past that I have seen things in catalogues that look fab and then when they arrive they were useless. e.g a set of number cutters for playdough that looked big but on arrival they were weeny xD

anyway hope this has helped, have fun

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