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Need inspiration please for next week. I want to do a week of nursery rhymes in reception and need some ideas what can go on in the literacy room apart from doing big book nursery rhyme and singing them what other activities could i do? Also need something to keep as evidence because parents evening is on 15th Oct. Thanks

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Guest tinkerbell

Has it got to be literacy based?

I have printed off lots of nursery rhymes and laminated them from sites such as Northumberland,Sparklebox etc The children have access to them and will sing them ,the pcs help them.

5 current buns, make them out of dough

1 potato 2 potato ,paint them and cut them out or sort real potatoes and put the number next ro them.

Hickery dickory ,make clock faces with paper plates and finger puppet mice.

Humpty ,make lego walls,make Humpties out of boiled eggs to sit on them

Incey wincy ,pipecleaner spiders sitting on a woolly web.


Any good?

sorry don't know age?


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Thanks its reception class and has to be literacy based involving some mark making or writing for those who will attempt. maths room will do number rhymes creative room making objects etc

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what about having lots of writing frames with nursery rhyme characters and speech bubbles... the sky is the limit for emergent writing. e.g. what is Miss Muffet saying?


Make lists of items to put humpty together again.. to aid imagination children could have lots of different items in a basket and they have to write the intial phoneme in the word... or more if they can e.g basket with sellotape/glue/screws/nails/ gaffa tape/maksing tape/glue gun/ wool etc


write a letter of apology from the knave of hearts to say sorry for stealing the tarts


make a missing poster for Bo Peeps sheep- they could be a bit creative with the top of the poster and use cotton wool for the sheep picture then write underneath


make nursery rhyme puppets and act out the rhymes use straws and sellotape machines

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This is our current theme


Yesterday using finger puppets and the finger puppets we took digtial photos for a 'photo story' rhyme book.The children hunted for the additional props like a clock and all the kings men.When they are printed off next week they will illustrate a book we will make.The children are in most off the photos making the mouse run up the clock and cow jump over the moon.

I've used this approach before so I'm sure it will be popular with the children and even more so with the parents at parents evening.Here's a couple of jack and jill

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I think I got it here in the first place so apologies to author but...

Little Miss Muffet, talk about her being scared of spiders then make spiders and write on them what they are scared of. The original idea was a display with LMM saying 'I'm afraid of spiders, what is class.... afraid of?'


Humpty Dumpty is good for changing the words - Humpty Dumpty sat on a chair... what can come next?


Just trying to think what my dd has done as she is in reception doing nursery Rhymes!

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