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Fs Area (table Top) Planning


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Hi! I'm an NQT in a mixed R and Year 1 classroom. I'm really enjoying it so far but i'm finding that i'm planning everything twice!


I just wondered if anyone had any ways that they plan their independent learning areas? I have a writing area, creative table, maths table, malleable area, role play and small world inside. Sand, water, KUW table and construction outside.


I'm aware that at the moment my focus has been on my Yr 1 planning and i really want to devise a logical weekly way of plannning my table tops/areas. Does anyone have any ways that they do it or ideas? Any advice would be appreciated.


Thanks xD:o

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I think what you are looking for is called continuous provision. If you search on the forums or look in resources there are lots of examples of planning for all areas. If I was clever I would do a link for you but I still haven't worked that one out!!



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