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Hi we are getting inspected by our local authority next week and I have been told that as i am the only teacher in our FSU that i will be getting interviewed for approx 30 mins!! :o so nervous as we only started our FSU this sept. The head mentioned I should have an action plan of what we hope to develop. I know I would like to put outdoor provision on it as it desperately needs developing but im not sure if there is anything else i should include? We have begun planning through children's interests after reading motivational planning article and it is going well. Has anyone had an inspection like this before? If so what type of things will they ask? Any help appreciated xxx


Should i have put this in the FSU section? x

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where are you? only asking cos in Cheshire we have a document called 'moving on' which is great for self evalutation and action plans.

You could write in each area of learning and put down which you feel is your prioty and will be tackling next.The fact you are aware it needs to change or be built on will be enough i think

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Wouldn't your action be a working document ie. it would have already been written for the set up and would include the things you are doing new etc.


planning from childrens interests

exloring using outdoors more

developing staff's professsional development

teamwork objectives

create a sinmulating environment

visiting other setting to see how there fsu works



so that perhaps some of these items you would have achieved or at least working towards achieveing, then ofsted can see what your doing and why and how.

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