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I'm looking for ideas for a topic on 'friends' for my reception class with some 'challenging' children. Any suggetions of actvites that have worked for you would be greatfully appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.

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we did a friendship quilt

the children drew a picture of themselves on a small square piece of paper then they chose where it went on the large rectangular piece.brought in lots of positional lang aswell as being next to somebody.

Also we have done a tree of kindness

get a big twig and put in a bucket of sand then the children put their name on a paper leaf when they have earned it they will go on the tree and you write why on the back

for eg. for sharing,being kind etc just make sure you catch them all doing this!!

also puppets are good for taking about friendships,you could have 2 and ones sad cos the other is not being very kind or oen may be feeling lonely cos nobody will play with them

ask the children what could they do to help - let them play thir games share a book etc

We have also done a little book of friends each 'My friends' they draw themselves on page one then their friends on others or they could do a concertina book so their holding hands.

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