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Hi there


as part of my topic titled, ' whats inside,' I would like to spend some time next week doing lots of circle times etc; talking about how things make us feel etc etc. Had a lovely idea about getting children to listen to short pieces of different music / sounds and talk about how that makes us feel, e.g. scary, calm, angry etc. Does anyone know of a good cd to buy with short pieces of music or have tried something similar?? Or any other ideas that would work with this topic???


cheers guys



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You should try and get your hands on the book 'Here we go round' by Jenny Mosley; circle time for 3-5year olds, it's full of great ideas..for example put a mirror in a box and get the children to pass it around the circle because 'there's something v special inside', after all of the children have experience the 'box' you can discuss why we are all special/ discuss thinks about our friends that are special etc. The looks on their faces as they watch each other open the box and share the surprise is really great! :o


Ps Yoga music works really well for exploring moods beyond happy/ sad ie calm.


Hope this helps!

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