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Too Much Literacy And Numeracy?


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Hi everyone just recently joined and ready to have a moan.

I have been teaching foundation for 5 years and have been in charge of the lea nursery for 3 years. Just would like to know how much time people spend on literacy and numeracy. we have just had lea in the main school who have made suggestions that things are not quite right in these areas (tried to tell them about the area and how many of our children come to school with lots of problems but apparently children are much more capable than 5 years ago!!!) Head wants changes made in reception which will filter down to the nursery I am sure. At the moment in literacy we probably do more than we should, not sure how I am going to fit more in and allow children the freedom they should have to explore their ideas.

Sorry about the moan but I really do not want Children to become little robots.

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Hiya and welcome

I think you need to really stick to your guns on this one.

Can you not have a slection of activities you DO do ready fro them to see?

also is there any training in the new letters and sounds document in your area?

can you demonstrate just how your children are meeting the stepping stones in this area?

perhaps too much in a 'taught' way is having the opposite effect?

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