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I am very interested to know what the funded part of your nursery day looks like?




How many adult planned activities are there?

How many of the 6 areas do you plan to cover in 1 session?

What are your adults doing - where are they deployed?

How much is child-led or free choice?


I am coming across conflicting interests from varying parties, and am in need of some inspiration please.

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In my LEA nursery we have 3 adults. During tescher directed time we have 2 adult led activities and 1 supporting activitie where children who finish the teacher directed activity can go. we have 3 groups of children and rotate for 3 days. have tried 3 directed but when children finish before others there was no one to supervise them. we have 2 main objectives for the teacher directed, but also have objective for snack time and outside time. i try to make sure that all areas are covered throughout the week.

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Hi Shelley -


To be honest, there's nothing different! Our routine is always the same, term-time or not. There is freeplay all morning, with one focus activity that is adult led, a circle time before outdoor play of about 20 minutes. After lunch there is a story/rhyme/singing time for about 20 minutes (while tidy up is going on), then freeplay with the same focus activity, until outdoor time. After that we have a keyworker time, quiet time and tea. After tea it's story then freeplay till children are collected, outside whenever possible.



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