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i started new job as Nursery teacher this September and have been given 4 proformas for weekly planning, 2 for daily, and none for medium or long. I've done long but it feels like I'm drowning! Anyone be able to share simple clear ideas??


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Welcome to the forum natty

That does sound a lot. At this stage in the year I do a weekly phonics, weekly maths and a general weekly plus my provision planning which I must admit is usually filled in retrospectively. However our nursery teacher simply does one weekly plan with all the adult led activities she is planning to do on it and a seperate provision plan. We do not do daily plans however do go with children's interests and just cross out any activities not done/altered and evaluate loads on our weekly plan as we felt that to do detailled weekly and detailled daily planning too much.

If you are required to do both weekly and daily plans then perhaps do a very rough outline as the weekly plan and detailled daily. Alternatively you could just plan for 2 days/half of the week (this is the approach currently being recommended in our LA) and take it from there, following children's interests and doing daily plans (sometimes in retrospect I would imagine) for the rest of the week. I went on a Chris Pickup course earlier last term and he said that as long as planning contained a activity description(however brief or detailled you feel necessary), learning objectives, differentation and assessment opps then that is absolutley fine.

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