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Hi everyone,

Have not been on the site for a while as been very busy over the past few weeks as has everyone.


I start my new managers post in one weeks time, just finishing off at the nursery i work in now as SNO. It is one of the sister nurseries i am moving onto. It is a lovely smaller nursery and very homely and friendly. So i will be reading lots to prepare for my Ofsted Interview. The nursery just recently had their Oftsed inspection and got Good for it, I am just getting the new manager interview.


Also when I arrived home on Thursday there in my hallway waiting for me was my OU Degree parcels. I have decided to do E123 and E124 alongside each other, mad or what yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss xD


Having looked at the work involved, I have found it similar to what I had to do for my Cache Level 3, but as it is for Degree level, I will probably have to remember when I am writing to write as a Level 4 and not as a Level 3, does that make sense? I was very impressed as to how the OU has everything in order for you, and explanations of how to do everything, they even give you a study calendar and explain what you would study on that particular week etc. I had been accepted on the Foundation Degree course at my local college but due to accepting the managers post in another nursery I was unable to get day release, which is why I registered with the OU (Open University), but i think i may have made the correct decision for me. There was even a book in each box for each of the Units i am studying to help me with theorists etc. Very well organised.


Like everyone else, i have been out buying pens, exercise books etc. So I start mine on 6th October :(



Looking forward to being part of the group supporting each other through the study times ahead.



Rosepetal :o

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Good luck Rosepetal.....You have made me feel a little more at ease with choosing to do both together. Sounds like the OU are organised and lots of helpful info in the packs. My doesn't start until Feb 08 so you will be well on your way by then.....may even be able to pick your brains :o

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