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Oh my god!! has anyone else suffered this?

they are coming on the 26th September for a day to look at science (we are a 1 form entry primary school)

just wondering if anyone else had had this and of course looking to blow them away with our reception work.

We are doing ourselves so thought i might do work around 'Funnybones'?

what do others thinks or do you have any wonderful ideas




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When we covered the theme My Body, we chose a different part every week, eg. Week 1: feet. We drew around our feet on white card, cut them out, dated and named each (mark making), then the following week, we measured our foot to our knee and marked out the same length on a straight piece of card and cut it out as before. We gradually built up a replica of our own bodies, ending with the head - measured from forehead to chin, and ear to ear! Then we punched holes in each piece and tied them to the correct part using wool. My Skeleton! We only reproduced the spine in the torso - I couldn't work out how to curve and attach any ribs!


The children were all 3 or 4 year olds, and really enjoyed measuring and making copies of themselves. Good luck with Ofsted!

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Good luck.


Ive no experience of 1 day inspections by Ofsted although a few years ago we had an HMI reading visit which was actually very structured. The HMI told the head what he wanted to see and fed back at the end of the day.


You could do some tasting and smelling activities perhaps a bit more interactive than funny bones but not sure what exactly you intend so difficult to judge.

You could make Feely pictures, variety of textures.


let us know what you decide.

good luck

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no Susan i'm not too sure either lol! still jusyy thnking of ideas. He wants to see a Foundation stage lesson!!!

was just thinking about the senses

anyone any more ideas.

Reception, 2 teachers and a student for the lesson

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So you could do something with senses, in a circle perhaps or one per adult, introducing new words/vocabulary and passing things round to sniff or feel and then have activities for children to explore and use vocab? Perhaps you could come together again later to do some simple recording?


Just a thought---good luck!

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