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I guess that many people visit the TES website but on there is an overview of the new document letters and sounds broken down into weeks for each of the six phases. there is also detailed week by week plans for phase 1. you can find it at in the tes resource bank. although have one question about it that no one seems to be able to answer phase 2-4 are meant to be the reception year so do i just start there for reception or do i start at phase 1 as its new to us although nursery had listening skills time last year don't want to be repeating experiences they may or may not have done can anyone help me please?

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Hi Jo,


Having looked through Letters and Sounds in the holidays it seems to stress that the whole program is 'guidelines' rather than something to be followed slavishly. Phase 1 is about providing children with the skills of listening, speaking, distinguishing sounds etc that they will need to be successful in using phonics. They make the point that those children who have good linguistic skills generally go on to make the best progress with their reading and writing. p.5 of the 'Notes of guidance...' (the thin booklet) states


'Using the six-phase structure flexibly is particularly important in the case of the boundary between Phases One and Two. For example, it may not be necessary to complete all seven aspects of Phase One before starting systematic phonic work in Phase Two...elements of Phase One can be valuable to run alongside and complement the work in Phase Two.'


Personally I wouldn't worry about the possibility of repeating anything that had been done in nursery. Even if we do 'go over the same ground' again we're consolidating and enhancing the skills the children will need in the future. I feel that I need to know for myself that the children are ready for phonics learning and doing the type of activities suggested in Phase One helps us to make those judgements. Good luck! :o

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hi you can buy the letters and sounds planning from ebay search letters and sounds weekly planning, all six phases are completely planned based on the activities from the document and the time frame suggested, should save loads of time, it's completed by the person who is referred to from the TES website mentioned earlier in this thread. . :o

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