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I have a member of staff who is on Performance Review.


She is being reviewed weekly.


Her targets are very specific (related to attitude and professionalism); she understands them; and more importantly - they are realistic and achieveable.


HOWEVER, within 4 days of them being set, she has already not adhered to all of them.


I am meeting with her on Monday about this.


What happens with someone on performance review - when they do not achieve manageable targets?


She has already been overheard saying: "Well they can sack me if they like - but I know my rights and I'll take them to court" (honestly!!).

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Agree with you Sue R. We have had this, had targets, realsitic time spans to achieve them in and an action plan, everything and everyone in to support and teach her etc but still not able to see enough improvement.

Make sure you minute and sign every meeting, date and sign observations, ask for outside advice to improve her if necessary and relevant (we are a school) and no matter what do absolutely everything by the book and as procedures dictate.

Good luck.

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Are the targets easily measurable?

Has she been told the consequence of not meeting the targets?

Can the targets be easily identified with and linked to specific criteria within her contract of employment?

Are your disciplinary procedures clear with regard to performance?



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Does the performance review follow the new format? The reason I ask is that I went on training today to become a reviewer and there are some aspects of PM which are now statutory rather than just guidelines. Is reviewing weekly perhaps a bit much? When the targets were set was the success criteria agreed and how this would be evidenced? If yes you have a strong case but if not she would probably be able to argue her way out of it. Hope you get it sorted x

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