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Laura, I think it really depends on what you are going to use your observation for as to what you observe and how you record it.


I usually do some tracking obs as the children settle, so I would put the date and the time at the top of the sheet and then record the childrens names and where they are as quickly as possible and then indicate how they move and interact within a time frame of perhaps 10 mins.

You may want a narrative observation of each child, again date and time and write what you see and hear.

I also make observations as I work with the children and for this I use a class sheet, recording how each child tackles the task. LO and brief task description with date too.

Anything else that I see or hear I write on a post it, or within a notebook or on a class sheet, depending on how I am working at the time.


The Vicky Hutchins books are really good for setting the scene for observations.


Good luck.

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