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Im sure I've seen some ideas somewhere on this site but I'll be blowed if I can find them. xD


Has anyone got any ideas suitable for pre-school children aged 2.5 - 5yrs old that involves Autunm colours.


Something they can make etc to take home. :(


I did think of mixing colours using my ELC spinning mixing machine thingy!


Its not good, only three days back and my brain is already in mush mode! :o

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try this link to the 'topics and activity ideas forum ( found in the forum index)




I must admit, I'm still in summer mode ( even though the weather isn't) and really don't want to think about Autumn just yet. :o


I would say the best thing our children enjoy is a large mound of Autumn leaves to jump in, throw, kick and hide in. xD



Now there's a thought if humans hybernated during cold, damp, miserable weather what a lot of energy we would save!!

Mind you not sure when we would wake up for the sunshine!!



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I think I'm going to start of our loose plan of Autumn based on the Little Red Hen story (we do child initiated planning really but I like to have a broad framework to fall back on).Raided the farmer's field for some wheat for the children to explore, grind with my coffee grinder and make flour, they'll plant some too. We'll make bread, rolls, butter toast, sandwiches, pitta etc. As mentioned elsewhere in the forum I'm getting some wheat for the table play too...... otherwise we'll be following the children's interests.


Before child initiated we did weekly themes as follows (no particular order):

hot & cold


rain & shine

harvest - grains

harvest - fruit & veg




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A nice activity we do is to go on a nature walk and make Autumn bracelets as you go. All you need to do is to make a bracelet from sticky tape around each child's wrist (obviously with sticky side on the outside). Then off they go finding lot's of interesting Autumny things outside and sticking them to their bracelet. It provided lot's of discussion, particularly problem solving (why won't the pebble stick to my bracelet?!) and they have their creation to take home and wear with pride! Be warned though I did have a nice garden spider stuck to my wrist for 10 mins before I realised!! :oxD

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I am just returning to work post maternity leave and can totally relate to that brain mush feeling!


Love the bracelet idea! Will definitley try that one this year. :o


I have made spirals (cut from circular brown sugar paper) the children cut these and stuck different coloured autumn leaves to them- we hung them in class- visually nice- but fairly temporary.


I've given children boxes to make a comfy hibernation place for my puppet/soft toy hedgehog- he stays in there till Spring ( the children do get it out to play with but always put hedgehog back to bed)


I received a bunch of flowers one autumn the cellophane had autumn leaves printed on it I use it for display- you may be able to get similar from a florist


For settling in I usually put out collage materials for our class colour- red- and ask children to create their picture with purely red things- a quick and decorative display.


Paintings of their faces for a 'We are red class' display- links with overall theme of myself in first term.


Hope this helps, sorry for rambling, if i think of more will add xD

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Hello from me too, Teacherjoon xD


I like your 'hibernating hedgehog', I was only just thinking the other day that I wouldn't mind hibernating during the cold weather too. :o


belated congratulations on your baby and have fun in your return to work, won't you. Look forward to getting to know you.



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