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okay real short notice, we have parents evening tommorow evening (6:15 - 7:30) at nursery. The plan so far is that its drop in so parents can call in and view their child's profile/ room at their leisure.


we were also thinking of setting up the rooms with activities that the children normally play with, but might not be typical to parents i.e gloop, Gelli Baff, mono printing, with explanations of how and why we use it in nursery.


all staff will be on hand to talk with parents.... any ideas ofanything else i should add/perhaps not do?




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Construction area with big blocks - add small world props, e.g make a car park with numered parking spaces and cars


Wet sand and mark making tools or different shaped moulds


Dry sand - find 'treasure' or small objects.


Water add boats and duplo people or lots of different containers, jugs, water wheels


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