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Hi there


Lovely to hear people sharing ideas and suggestions after a lovely 3 weeks of not thinking of school at all!!!! Now my head is spinning and I feel my old stressful self returning!!!!


Hope all enjoying the break!!

I plan to go into school on Monday and there the fun begins...such a list..so many things to do and so little time!!!


Anyway, just a quick question, I will be teaching a mixed Y1 and Yr class in september. I currently have guided reading sheets ( used by rest of school) that have objectives to match NC levels printed on the top, e.g. Level 1 c children have to do .......... etc.

We tick when the children can do all and then move on to level 1 b etc etc and so on.


I was wondering if anyone has a format they use that has the ELGs or stepping stones on in a similar way to allow tracking ch progress to save me typing each out???


hope i make sense to anyone out there at this late stage on a fri evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cheers! :o

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They look like they could be useful jenbob.

Lotte I was wondering if you could possibly post the sheets you have with the NC levels on as they sound like they would be very useful. Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi thanks for that, yes when im next in school I will try to find a copy on file and attach.

If anyone else has any guided reading formats to share that would be great????!!

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Hi Marion and Lotte


Hi im new to this Early years guided reading...

could you just clarify something for me.


Do the children in your reception class read individually or do you place them in groups after you have initialy assessed them. I used to have reading groups but now its all changing and we are moving away from group reading toward individual reading, which i have to say is taking up most of my day!


Thanks very much for all the info. much appreciated


Bethany x :o

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