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We need to redo our staff contracts and if anyone could help I would be most grateful. I have done a forum search and read all the posts but .........


Most staff have changed the number of sessions they are working, the hours were changed from 3 and a quarter per session to 3 hours! and the rates of pay have all changed too. Our last signed contracts were issued years ago! Having been promoted to supervisor, it is now my job to sort this out!! :o


What is bothering me is that it is compulsary for staff to attaned planning meetings, complete key worker files in your own time, go on training days etc but that NONE of this is paid for. I have tried to address this with the committee but the money is not there at the moment to pay for the above!!!!). So any ideas or example contracts would be a great help.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Jenni


I was faced with a similair problem when I took over - old contracts (or none at all in most cases), it really is a very sensetive issue.


I would ssuggest that the committee get legal advice on the wording before you make any changes (are you PLA and have law call access). The committee will need to make the call, but really not sure if you can make something compulsary if not being paid. PLA also have a disc with things like contracts on.

Employment law if so complicated I would always recommend get advice, as you may not be able to insist on new considitions.


I managed to find enough money in the budget and get my committee to agree that staff should be paid for meetings and trainings - it really is money well spent and essential.


Good Luck

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Thank you for that Tess. I did look on the PLA website and there is a disc with contracts etc on! I have a meeting with the chairman tomorrow because other things such as our Administrator not getting any holiday pay has also come to light!!! aahhhhhhh

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Poor you - are you a parent committee run group?

It can be really hard, as at the end of the day the management committees change regularly and there knowledge is limited as they are parents and the essentials we need in place just don't always seem that important.


I am supervisor at a committee run group and my advice would be to work with the chairperson, you probably need to oversee everything and help the committee ensure everything that you need to be in place is there.

The committee could be gone next year and you have to know what exactly is in place, committees vary and you never know what they will do.


Your chairperson is obviously keen if they are meeting you in the holidays - that is really positive. Sorting out the staff contracts and budget is obviously a huge priority, because your staff need to be secure. But try to explain how valuable the staff are to the chair and they can't be abused or you will lose them.


With the contracts remember that minimum wage is going up.


Will your chair share the budget with you.


Is your PDW of any assistance - I know in Hampshire I have several places I can go for help.


I haven't a copy of our contact at home, but I'll try to send you a copy soon.


Where abouts in Southampton are you I am in West End, but come under Hampshire. Good luck

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If you go on to Devon`s document bank you will find an example of a contract (plus lots more) that you may find useful. www.devon.gov.uk/docbank

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