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:o Help!!!!! Decided to introduce other methods of observing to the staff.....at the moment we usually use 'post its' and do snap shot obs or group tick list which I feel is not working very well at the moment and needs changing.


Can you share your methods please and if possible attach some examples......so many changes I want to make and my mind is buzzing & I'm finding it hard to concentrate on one thing! xD


I have done a search on the forum and found some useful info but would still love to hear from you.


Many thanks mrsb :(



oops sorry, just realised I/ve put this in the wrong section should be in nursery section & not sure how to move it!

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We also use post it notes for snap shots of all children by everyone. Then keyworkers do narrative observations in that they record everything a child does or says (exactly as the child says something) which can then be analysed later. Often what children say gives us a better picture of what they are currently thinking.


Have attached a short observation - they can be longer or shorter depends what's happening. I have changed all the names to maintain confidentiality.



I often type mine (in my own time) but there really is no need. My scibble is so bad and I am a fast typist!


Hope that helps.


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I've got a few examples...




The first one is for focused observations over a set period of time (in this case 10 minutes) Use the key at the bottom to fill in the boxes and observe who the target child is with, what they are doing, what language is being used etc.


The second attachment is a whole range of techniques that I've used or introduced at training (for those of you familiar with the Worcestershire BTTM website, the forms are taken from there!)


The final two I found on a different website and the idea is that every day of the week you observe something about a child either on a post-it note or directly on the sheet - link it to BTTM or FS. The other one is BTTM and each cloud represents an aspect, so over the course of a month (or week) you note down one observation per aspect. Again, you could do six clouds for each of the Early Learning Goals. I think that you could adapt the clouds to fit in with any themes or interests of the children, so you could have a week of bears, dinosaurs, cars, buckets and spades etc...


I hope they all make sense!

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can I just ask when you do observations for children who are three but not yet in the pre -school year do you link the observations to BTM or the FS. I mean once a child turns three do you change them from BTM to FS or do you wait until the following september

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