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Hi all...


do any of you remember a rhyme, or more of a song, about a fussy old crow who would only sit on a certain chimney pot with a certain number :o


sort of went...


no number 1, no number 2, no number 3 or 4 ...........but the fussy old crow ........ (with the singer holding a puppet!) xD


ive asked everyone i know and they havent got a clue what i am on about, i've done a google search with no joy and its driving me mad :(




just tried another search and it was from Play School, but still cant find the words!

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:o sorry can't help you with the words but would love to know them and the tune....found a lovely crow puppet just before term ended...this would be perfect.


I will do my best to find out (if I can) and let you know....

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