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I came back to work part time after my maternity leave. Bit about the Nursery...it is part of a school, rather decent sized, and has 60 part time children - 30 in each session.

When I came back the other teacher and I got together for a day at the beginning of each term to decide what we were doing, and do the medium term plans.


The way our day is structured goes a bit like..


Come in for welcome time - register and a quick 5 -10 min carpet session. Hopefully in two family groups.

C.I. time with one adult led focus activity running through the week during this time. Free flow outdoors

Tidy up.

Salley Phonics - in family groups


Outdoor play with year R

Large group time - usually story or singing for 5 min



Now although the focus activity plans and med term overview was done in advance we were doing the daily welcome session plan retrospectively. Just jotting down what we had done. But the other teacher would prefer to plan in advance for the carpet session.

Now bearing in mind that we work... Wed, Thurs Fri in week one, and then Mon, Tues, week two. It is like a week on week off arrangement but split by the weekend. Which means in every given week we are both in. Does anyone else do this, and if so how do you plan?


Would you just do your plan for the week you are in and then email it to your other half so they can plan based on what they have seen you do?

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Hi Tinka and welcome.


I'm not in a job share but it doesnt seem unreasonable to want to plan that time in advance although to be able to do so retrospectively must also be nice. What sort of focus do you have for it? Perhaps that is also something that you could decide so that the children have maybe a literacy focus with one of you and a numeracy with the other and then you could each take responsibilty for the planning without depending so much on the other one?

Hope that makes sense!

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That is an excellent idea!

I hadn't even thought of that! :o Sometimes your head gets so blooming focussed on things and wound up in one way of thinking that you don't know how to come at it from a totally different angle.


We could decide together on our medium term planning what we were going to focus on, and then one could do it for say Cll and KUW, and the other could do MD and PSED. leaving CD and PD. mmmm a plan to consider i think. Thanks

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