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Behaviour Policy - Under 3's


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am in process of reviewing our setting policies - our behaviour policy is based on the school's behaviour policy with specific reference to how this is put into practice in the foundation stage. We now run sessions for 2-3year olds and I would be interested to see any policies relating specifically to this age group or have any comments about specific points that need to be personalised for this age group.


many thanks


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If you look in the resource library there are two behaviour related policies which may help.


As long as you put in the policy that 'sanctions' (for want of a better word) are AGE and STAGE appropriate i.e. not all two/three year olds will have the same level of developmental understanding to know why they did something, show empathy with another child and have the capacity to actually say 'sorry'.


The other phrase that Ofsted look for at the moment is that physical punishment of any sort is not permitted unless a child is in danger or endangering another child. It must be stated that any intervention by a member of staff that may cause a mark must be recorded in the incident/accident book and signed by the parent.


That's all that immediately springs to mind!

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