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I am looking to borrow two books for over the summer holidays and they are not available in any of my local libraries. I am trying to get some information for my research project so don't really want to spend a fortune if I decide not to go down this route!


I am looking for:


The Company they Keep: Friendships in Childhood and Adolescence, William Bukowski, 1996




Friends and Enemies: Peer Relations and Friendships in Childhood, Barry Schneider (I don't know the date of this one)


I was wondering if anybody had these books and if it would be possible to borrow them over the summer? The college library is closed all over the holidays and my university card has expired and there is apparently nothing I can do until I re-enrol in August :o .


If not, does anyone know where I could get them cheaply? I've looked on Amazon but they don't get5 dispatched until the end of August, plus its going to cost me over £40 for the two which is a lot if I decide not to follow this theme.


Thanks in advance

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Has anyone else got a Uni library card that you could use - you can go on to the inter library system and might find a uni close to you that has it and if one of your classmates fills in the relevant form she could go and borrow it for you. Failing that some libraries do searches for you and you just never know they might pull a copy up for you - depends on how good your library is. I know a friend of mine was able to get a lot of her books in this way as her library system was very good. Otherwise I think you might just have to wait but I am sure there will be lots of other articles you could scan through. Do you have access to Emerald and SWETSWISE? If so, then I am sure they will keep you busy through the summer.


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