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Hi there, our early years coordinator file is out of date and our new head wants me to put one together, please can anyone advice the layout and contents I should have in so I can get it started over the holidays?

cheers everyone


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Off the top of my head...


EY Policy

Transition Policy

Examples of planning (long, medium and short)

Blank planning templates

Assessment info, including FSP data (National and LEA)

Blank assessment sheets

Coordinator action plan

Record of non-contact time/ action taken for coordinator role

Record of professional development of all EY staff

Job description of EY coordinator

Indication of resources available (full audit too huge a task)

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cheers for that, it at least means I can get it set up.

Does anyone have an EY policy and transition to share or should the school write their own?

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I also would be keen to see some examples of EY policies. My Head has just told me I will be writing one early in September!!


Thanks in advance


Moisy xx

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