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I'm looking for something to use at the start of the day and possible after lunch. :o


I've found the sticky kids website. Does anyone use these? Would they be good for W and S or are they more PEish??

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I do wake and shake activities.


I have found the best thing is to find music yourself and then make up the actions.


Some music suggestions:


Hokey Cokey


Music Man

Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes

Wind the Bobbin Up


You just have to make all the movementes standing on spot movements so they dont have to run around a lot.


I do things like


Running on the spot

Brain gym sort of things to the music (moving arms up and down alternate etc)

turning on spot


Leaning backwards forwards with rotating arms

Bending knees and back up again


When you listen to the songs things just pop into your head.


It can be fun when the children get into it, have fun :-)

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We used the video made by the lady who started wake up shake up, I think.

It has routines for 'witch doctor', when the going gets tough, YMCA and Raining men- if I can learn the moves anyone can!!!


Hope that helps

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