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Fs Unit Intake Meeting For New Yr Parents


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What information would you give to parents of children who are already in your FS Unit and are moving from part-time Nursery to full time Reception in September.


Already explained how unit organised and described curriculum when they joined Nursery.


Have got to fill 15mins and am really struggling!


Thanks in advance for help

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In our school we would have to explain about lunch - how to pay for them and routine in the dinner hall etc.


Possibly reading books

Any whole school things that they are now involved that they weren't before - acheivement point etc.


running out of ideas...




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Carolyn I put together a welcome pack (bits from Sparklebox's reception pack plus some of my own)

I talked about Letters & Sounds / Jolly Phonics made a big issue of correct letter formation and not teaching them to write using all capitals. Asked them to do nursery rhymes and counting rhymes explained how this helps. Gave them the DfES reception numeracy leaflet for ideas. Explained procedures for lunchtime /money and cost. threw it open for questions and said thanks for coming.

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