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I am soon to be a NQT and next week will be going into my new school to meet my new class. I only have 45 minutes with them and just wondered if anyone could suggest some fun activities. The class will be year 1 in Sept although have only been in school for a term as they are the summer born children, so more like Reception. I was thinking about starting with a short circle time - getting to know each other, then designing a picture to go next to their coat peg and finishing off with some singing and a story.


However, I would really appreciate any better ideas! Ideally, I do not want to rely on the schools resources as I do not know what they have.


Any advice greatly appreciated!

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Hi Goldilocks and welcome, if I have not welcomed you elsewhere!

Congratulations on your new job!


Your ideas all sound great but I would suggest could take you rather longer than your alloted 45 mins. Presumably these children all know one another already although a simple circle time for them to introduce themselves to you could be good. I think the idea of making their own peg labels sounds a really nice idea and you will get a good idea of their pencil skills! You could laminate them afterwards and punch holes to hang on the pegs.


Whatever you decide, have fun!

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