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Independence day has crept up on us, we have a little girl who's mum is American so we would quite like to do something for independence day, but am stumped for ideas.


ashamibly i did not pay much attention in history at school, so actually have little idea of what independence day is about (hangs head in shame) so anyone care to enlighten me on what independance day is about (in simple terms so i can explain it to the pre-school children, and of course understand it myself too LOL :o )


Thanks in advance



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I get my info from here! We're using paint to make flicked fireworks (messy but fun!) got some black paper at the weekend.... and we're going to be trying typical american food - so it's frankfurters all round then LOL


It was canada day on 1st and its ethiopia day later in month so we're doing lots of stuff with flags, patterns & repeated patterns (like butterfly printing, rangoli patterns etc) as well


Good flag downloads here -




Sarahx :o

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