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Covering Letter For E-profile Generated Report


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looking back to last years response to the e-profile generated reports, the main complaint was that the parents were unsure of what was meant by:


'achieved both the Stepping Stones and Early Learning Goals items in this section'

'has achieved the Stepping Stones items in this section'


Does anyone have a simple letter or description of what is meant by these statements? I was thinking of something along the lines of the average child at the end of Reception will have achieved, be working in,


I know I should be able to produce something myself, but at this point in time I'm feeling a little brain dead.


Please Help...


Andrew :o

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Dear Andy,


I agree, it isnt much help to parents. I have printed off the individual pupil sheet from the e profile with the child's score in each area and included a slip of paper indicating what expectations are at the end (taken a couple of years ago from standards site, saying that 6+ good achievment etc)


Hope this helps




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With pressure on and not much time left, wrote a covering letter to suit :o . Thank you for your reply.


I've attached the letter for others to use if they wish.


Andrew xD


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Hi I am new to this forum and I have found this interesting as we used the e-profile generated report for the first time this year. We didn't want to give raw scores so cut and pasted. I have attached a mock up of one of our reports. We added as we felt necessary and also put in some of the photos we had taken in our observations throughout the year.


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