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I know this is a foundation stage forum, but as I work in a Children's Center I thought it would be ok to post a question here about our toddler area. We have 12 children in this area and my problems - what areas should I set up for them. We set up ongoing provision, but as you can imagine everything gets moved around. We have a home corner and construction area. I am concerned with activities which need to be out all the tine. Would it be a good idea to clear the floor space at certain times during the day and have say 2 differedt sensory experiences in the builders trays? I really need some advice. We have all done our bithe to three training - but its the everyday organisation and provision of activities which I feel is diffcult to manage.

Any advice would be greatly apprecisted.


We do make wonderful use of our outdoor area.


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I am Linked to a Childrens Centre in Wellingborough, which is a wonderful facility! :o


I access the creche mainly as part of a childminder support group for 1 morning a week.


It is very hard to explain to the toddlers to keep things like the sand in the tray provided, it then gets all round the room as the darlings add it to, and explore with it, in all the other areas!!

It also makes the floor dangerous as it becomes slippery.


We decided to block this activity with the drawing board to keep the children safe; there is also a sand area in the garden where we can access this kind of play.


We often clear the main area and do other activities; shredded paper is one thing all the children love to roll around in, a big mess but easy to clear up! xD

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