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this went down a treat


frozen blocks (margarine/ice cream tubs) with sequins and/or glitter frozen in it.


placed in the black octagonal builders tray (bought from any large builders or diy store - designed for builders mixing cement - has a million uses)

also put in polar bears and penguins they stay frozen for ages. salt on them also makes the ice crack


some uses for builders tray


cornflour slime/spatulas

soap flake slime

threading beads - they dont all roll on the floor

compost - bulbs - planting

sand /glitter

lentils and other pulses/pans and spoons or yoghurt tubs and spoons or sorting trays

cooked spaghetti (with a little oil on) and scissors - cutting activity

pou pourri/leaves/conkers/acorns/bark/magnifying glasses

heuristic play - different fabrics/beads/

magnets/paper clips/bottle tops other magnetic and non-magnetic items


any small world play or small manipulative play

different coloured/shaped pasta and sorting trays

buttons for sorting (can sometime pick up in large quantities from car boot sales)


gravel/yoghurt pots/spoons

pebbles and shells/sand

paper/scissors - cutting activity





imaginative play (3 little pigs - sticks/bricks/straw)

shiny things/magnifying glasses

shaving foam


and im sure there are hundreds more

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Miniature bricks called 'Tiefoc' are excellent for 'Bob the Builder' - along with gravel, sand, Scoop and Muck!

Available from Minstretchers.co.uk. - lots of other lovely resources available here but can be a little expensive!



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Tracey what an interesting site, thank you.

Do you have any knowledge of what the publications are like? The outdoor play book sounds good.


How much do these buiders trays cost? Are they what I've seen refered to elsewhere as tuf spots?


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When I saw sequins as the topic I didn't imagine to find so much info about builders trays!!!

At our local scrapstore you can buy empty, clear cd cases. The children can choose sequins to put in (fine manip skills) along with coloured rice etc and we help them sellotape them up so nothing falls out. They make brilliant, beautiful multisensory shakers or decorations - a bit like a kaleidoscope only easier to see!

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well originally it was going to be about sequins - but i got carried away !!!

succinctness isn't one of my strengths!!!!!!

Dont think that was spelt very well

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I haven't tried any of the publications yet. I have left the brochure at school, but if its the pack that I was really interested in I think it was over £100! I'll have a look tomorrow and get back to you.


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