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Help Help! Writing A Report But Don't Know How To Word A Comme


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Please could somebody help me. I am NQT and therefore, this is my first year writing reports so I'm struggling a bit.


I am writing my section on PSE and want to write 3 lines on target for PSE. I have a child called Amy who is very able, mature and confident. She is an only child and is used to be around lots of adults. She has made friends this year but doesn't have one special friend and she does try with one girl but as Amy is quite dominant the other girl does not want to know. Amy does struggle socially and I want to write in the reports where it says target something about Amy needing to work on taking account of others views and feelings and being sensitive to their needs. I want to write why Ellie needs to work on this like because she is too dominating but obviously I can't write that becuase it sounds very negative.


I know this is hard for anyone to answer because you don't know the child but please help me with a comment you have written that sounds similar :o


Thank you



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Hi Rachel,


I'm not really sure with that one but all I can say is that when im stuck on a particular aspect when report writing I turn to a bank of statements that I have on hand. These statements were not written by myself but downloaded from some kind soul, perhaps someone on this excellent site... I am happy to share them but I cannot take credit for them. If they are not useful for this report they maybe useful for others.


Michaela. x


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