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Launch Pad - The Arts and Early Years Working Together


at the Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham, Lincs


Delegate Fee: £50


Bringing together the arts and the early years sectors, this one-day conference explores the possibilities for collaboration, creativity and achievement. The day will include facilitated networking sessions and a rapporteur who will work using delegates’ and speakers’ own words to look for a way ahead.


Keynote speeches come from Jim Clark of the University of Northumbria, who draws on his recent research on the impact of the arts on the development of young children to explore the reasons why we should be passionate about arts and the early years. Visual artist Tân Draig will look at the commonalities between artists and early years practitioners in developing ideas and creativity. Fiona Godfrey will aim to demystify the language – or perhaps we should say the jargon – we use in both sectors.


The rest of the morning will be spent making sure that both arts and early years sectors understand each other – the way each sector works and the potential for collaboration. There will be the chance both to ask basic questions and to discuss the issues more deeply.


After lunch, a range of breakout sessions are on offer. Practitioners from both sectors will lead sessions on visual arts, dance, African performing arts and music, using case studies to reveal how the synergy between arts and the very young can be facilitated, encouraged and supported. Funding and the practicalities of bringing the arts into early years settings are also covered.


The conference will close with a summing-up, using contributions from speakers and delegates to reveal and distil ideas for next steps and future developments.


Further details and a booking form can be obtained here


Alternatively, you can also book by email at catherinerosesoffice@dial.pipex.com




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