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Tapestry Newsletter July 2020


Hi Weavers,

Welcome to the July 2020 edition of our monthly newsletter.

Well done to all settings on reaching the end of a difficult academic year. We hope those of you that have broken up for the summer enjoy your well-deserved break.

We’ve released several new additions to Tapestry over the last month which we hope you will find helpful. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at them.

New Features

New ELGs

Now that the new Early Learning Goals have been released, we have added them to Tapestry as an additional framework. It can be enabled by any manager on your account by going to the Control Panel -> Settings -> Assessments. This video also talks you through how.

We don’t currently have any tracking screens available for the new ELGs but we are working on adding them as quickly as possible.

Once the new Development Matters document is made available, we can also start work on adding this to Tapestry. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Quicker way to add profile pictures

We’ve now added an easier and quicker way for you to be able to upload profile photos for children, staff, and relatives. To access this, you just need to go to the relevant Manage Children/Staff/Relatives page on the Control Panel and click on the ‘Update Profile Pictures’ button at the top of the page. A manager can also do this for children from the ‘Children’ tab at the top of the screen.

This tutorial will talk you through how to upload profile photos for children both through the Manage Children page and the Children tab.

MOVE Cherry Garden Branch Map

This month we were very excited to announce that the Cherry Garden school and MOVE branch map is now exclusively available on Tapestry for MOVE customers.

Cherry Garden school have found the MOVE branch map has made a huge impact on how they record and evidence progress for children with physical needs. You can read more about the branch map here.

If you are a MOVE and Tapestry customer and want access to the MOVE branch map on your Tapestry account, you can get in touch with them by emailing move@enhamtrust.org.uk to arrange this.

Montessori Assessment Count Screen

Previously only available to our Australian customers, the Montessori Assessment Count screen can now be accessed on all Tapestry accounts that have the Montessori framework enabled. This screen allows you to see how many assessments have been made per activity and compare this across areas and time periods for individual children, groups of children, and staff.

If you haven’t already got the Montessori framework enabled on your account, this tutorial will talk you through how to enable frameworks. To then learn how to access and use this screen, follow this tutorial.

Activity Infographics

In preparation for the next academic year, we have created a range of activity infographics designed for parents/carers. These include infographics to help them learn more about the features available on Tapestry and how to use them, a brief guide to the EYFS and a guide to making observations.

All of these, plus all our previous infographics, can be downloaded from our infographics page on our info site.

We know our weekly EYFS infographics that we started at the beginning of lockdown also proved to be very popular with some of our users, so after a summer break, we will be returning in September with monthly ones. These will also be downloadable from our infographics page.

End of Year Videos

To help you with your end of year transition process on Tapestry, we have created some video tutorials to talk you through the different steps you may need to take on your account.

These can be found on our Tapestry YouTube channel. Do make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming videos!


During lockdown we have continued to record our podcasts and we have been lucky to be joined by a wide range of fantastic guests including Alistair Bryce-Clegg, TishyLishy (otherwise known as Lisa!), Helen Moylett and many more.

Our weekly episodes are released every Thursday and you can listen to them on Simplecast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Do let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info.

Change of Bank Details

If you currently have an invoice that needs payment or your account is due for renewal soon and you intend on making payment by BACS, please do be aware we changed provider last year from Lloyds to HSBC. Therefore, if you have our previous details saved, you will need to update them. Our new details can be found on your invoice. If you would like these to be confirmed, please email us customer.service@eyfs.info.

If you make payment by BACS for an invoice, remember to include your invoice number in the payment reference and send a remittance to bacs@eyfs.info.

BACS payment can take 5-7 working days to be processed so please do ensure payment is made in good time before your expiry date. If you have any concerns about your payment reaching us in time, you can get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info and we can help you ensure there is no lapse in your subscription.