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  1. Hi Andy, Yes it is possible to do this on Tapestry. To make sure they are not displayed to relatives you just need to go to the control panel -> settings -> assessments, under each enabled assessment framework you will see the option 'Display to relatives'. You'll just need to make sure this option is not enabled. I hope this helps! Best wishes, Emily
  2. Hi all, For anyone that was not able to attend the webinar on Monday you can find a recording of it on our webinar recordings section here. We hope you find this helpful! Best wishes, Emily
  3. Hi Alexandra, Yes it is. I'll drop you an email with the details. Best wishes, Emily

    Hi Jenny_Catterall, Sure, I have just sent you an email with a copy of these. They are just for use within your setting though so please do not share them with other settings. Best wishes, Emily
  5. Hi Jenny_Catterall, Of course! I've added you to our list of attendees for this webinar. We'll send you an email nearer the time with details of how to access the webinar. Best wishes, Emily
  6. You can now also see the baseline period on the EYFS Age Band Tracker screen by enabling the option 'Include Baseline' that appears underneath the period drop-downs.
  7. Newbie

    Hi, We just wanted to let you know that we have now added a new user permission on Tapestry, 'View other relative's observations'. This will allow you to set it so users are permitted or not permitted to view observations made by other relative's attached to the same child; as with the other user permissions on Tapestry, you can also set this individually. We hope you find this helpful! Best wishes, Emily
  8. This is for situations where you don't want want relatives to be able to see observations made by other relatives attached to the same child. As with the other user permissions, this can be set for all relatives or for individual ones.
  9. We have recently discovered an issue with the PDF exports of the Age Band Tracker screen which meant that sometimes not all of the data that appeared on the screen was included on the PDF export. We do apologise if this has, or does, cause you any inconvenience. A fix for this has been released so now when you export this page, all of the data will be included. If you have previously exported this page and saved a copy of the PDF, we do suggest that you export this page again to ensure all of the correct information is included. If you have any questions about this or require any assistance, please contact us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info. Once again, we would like to apologise for this issue and any inconvenience caused.
  10. Splitting obs

    Hi Cheryl, That makes complete sense! I can completely understand why you would want this feature, it is something that is on our list of things to add to Tapestry but I will pass along that you have requested this. We will keep you updated with any progress we make with this. Best wishes, Emily
  11. How long to convert from trial account

    Hi Amanda Talbot, I've just sent you a direct message to help you sort this out. Best wishes, Emily
  12. Hi WoodsidePrimary, Welcome to the forum! I hope you are managing to find your way around okay so far. Thank you for your feedback regarding the font size for the assessments on an exported journal, I will bring this up with the rest of the team to discuss whether this will be possible and I will let you know the outcome! Do let us know if you have any more feedback or any more questions. Best wishes, Emily
  13. Highlighting the teaching

    Hi stmartinsschool, Could I just clarify what you mean by highlighting sections, did you want to be able to highlight parts of the notes section within an observation, or did you want to be able to search observations for specific assessments or key terms? Any extra information that you could provide us, as to what exactly you are trying to achieve on Tapestry, will help us either direct you to the right place on Tapestry or we can add it to our list of things to discuss adding to Tapestry. Best wishes, Emily
  14. Hi Ashleigh7, Welcome to the forum! We will update this thread with any news regarding sending newsletters through Tapestry to keep you informed. Thanks for your suggestion about being able to add attachments, I will pass this along so this can be discussed with the rest of the team. Best wishes, Emily
  15. Hi mrsbat, That does make sense! Could you send a support ticket to customer.service@eyfs.info so we can assist you there? Best wishes, Emily