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  1. Hi everyone, As some of you may be aware, Tapestry was inaccessible today for just under 50 minutes between 13:32pm and 14:17pm UK time. We are really sorry for this downtime and any inconvenience that you may have experienced. This was caused by an error on our end. Although unfortunately this meant you were not able to login, we would like to reassure you that no data was lost or put at risk. To explain in a bit more detail: Your connections to Tapestry are encrypted. There are two parts to this encryption: 1) the encoding of the messages and 2) the proof that your message is being sent to Tapestry and not to anybody else. The encoding of the messages was working constantly, but unfortunately the certificate that proves that our server is part of Tapestry expired. We had requested a new certificate well before the expiry date, but the signer had asked for some supplementary information from us. Unfortunately the person who the request was sent to was on leave at the time and didn't spot they needed to take action on the message upon their return and so the certificate was not replaced before it was expired. When we discovered the mistake, at 13:32 today, we started the process of getting a new certificate signed. We obtained a new certificate at 14:15 today and issued it to our new servers a few minutes later. We would once again like to apologise for this. This situation has identified a few issues with our process for dealing with certificate renewals and we can assure you that we will put in place systems to prevent it from happening again. Thank you all for your patience. If you have any follow up questions about what happened, please do get in touch with us by emailing customer.service@eyfs.info. Best wishes, The Tapestry Team
  2. SEND assessment system

    Hi, Sure that's not a problem at all! I'll do that now. Best wishes, Emily
  3. SEND assessment system

    Hi, Sure! I will send the email linked to your FSF account a copy of this too. Best wishes, Emily
  4. SEND assessment system

    Hi Tracey, Of course! I've just sent you a copy of this as well. Best wishes, Emily
  5. We are now asking all settings to review and agree to the final version of our contract that we have updated in light of the GDPR coming into affect this month. This is just to be more clear about what we do and how we can work together to be compliant. A manager can do this for your setting by logging in to the browser version of Tapestry and if you haven't already signed this, you will see a banner at the top of the page with a link asking you to do so. So you keep up-to-date with any contract changes we have also added a 'Contracts' section to the Control Panel where you can see any previous contracts and if any actions are required with any of the contracts.
  6. Hi Stella, Of course, that's not a problem at all. I'll add you as well.
  7. Hi Stella, Absolutely! I'll add you to the list as well.
  8. Hi ChristineHewitt, Welcome to the forum! Yes of course, I've added you the list of attendees.
  9. If you're confident when it comes to using Tapestry, and the issue only seems to be affecting one user, you can follow all the steps in this tutorial to rectify it. If, however, you would like some assistance or you believe this issue is affecting several users (which might be the case if it's a staff email account that has been hacked or stolen) please do get in touch with us and we can deactivate the whole account to investigate. You can do this by either using the 'Contact us' page in the drop-down list from your name, or send an email to customer.service@eyfs.info. If you do send us an email though please make sure you message us from the email address you or another manager uses to sign into Tapestry - that way we will be able to help you a lot more quickly and efficiently because we will know we're speaking to the right person. When you do contact us please use the 'in brief' text box or subject line to make it clear this is an issue about security. We do keep an eye out for those ones, so for example you could say 'Account Breach' or 'Email address hacked'. Also, within the body of the text please try to give us as much detail you can about who is affected and in what way. In either scenario though, we do strongly recommend that you follow the first step in this tutorial, which is to deactivate the user/s accounts from within Tapestry. This is to ensure as quickly as possible that no one has access to any Tapestry accounts that shouldn't. Deactivating their account To deactivate a user's account you will need to be a manager and you will need to login to the browser version of Tapestry. Once logged in you will need to go to the Control Panel, which you can find by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner (1) and selecting 'Control Panel' from the drop-down menu (2). You will then need to select either 'Manage Staff' or 'Manage Relatives' (3), depending on the type of user account that has been affected. Once on the appropriate page you just need to find this user in the list of names and then click on the cog button at the end of the row (1) and select 'Make inactive' (2). After deactivating the account/s, if you are confident this issue is only affecting one user, you can move on to checking the events on your Tapestry to see whether you think someone accessed the user's account that shouldn't have. If it is the case that several user's emails have been hacked, please now get in touch with us as soon as possible; you can find instructions on how to do this at the top of the tutorial. To search the events on your Tapestry to check what has been accessed and done by this user, you just need to go to the 'Events' section (1) on the Control Panel. To only see events made by this specific user you will need to use the page filters located at the top of the page (2). From the page filters pop-up you will need to search for the user's name. Remember to press 'Submit' when you have typed it in. Here you will be able to see everything this user has done on your Tapestry; it's worth going through this list with the affected user to ensure they are confident they were the person that did all of these things. This will help you to establish exactly what happened and will help you if you need to inform the ICO and any data subjects (or their relatives) who might have been affected. If you are happy though that no one else has logged in to the account you can move on to thinking about the security of the email account. If the user can still access their email then they will need to reset their password for it, this should be strong and secure. To assist with this we have a written an article about how to set a secure password which you can read here and you can also read the UK government's current advice about secure passwords on their website. If they are no longer able to access their email then they will need to set themselves up with a new email account. Once have they done this it is very important that you change this for their Tapestry account before reactivating them. Now we can think about helping them log back in to their Tapestry account. How to reactivate the user's Tapestry account Firstly, you will need to find their account again. To do this you will need to go back to the Manage Relatives or Manage Staff page on the Control Panel and then look for their name in the list. If you do not see it in the list, this may be because you have your filters on this page set so you can only see a certain type of users, for example just active users. To change this so you can only see inactive users you just need to click where it says 'Filter and Sort [Staff or Relatives]' at the top of the page. From the pop-up you will then see you just need to select the drop-down menu under where it says 'Status' (1) and from here choose the 'Inactive' option (2) and then press 'Submit' (3). Then once you have found them, click on the 'Edit' button at the end of the row. Here you can enter a new email address for them if necessary (1) and then you can change their status back to active from the 'Change Status' drop-down (2) and you will also need to manually change their password (3). For security reasons, it is important that you do change their password but do not tell them this new password. Once they have been reactivated, you will be able to send them a password reset email from which they can set up their own new password and regain access to their Tapestry account. Once you have done both of these things on this page just remember to press submit. If you have used the page filters to find this inactive parent you might want to clear them so you are no longer just seeing inactive users. You can do this by clicking where it says 'Reset Filter to Default' under the page filters button. Finally, so they can login to their account again, you can send them a password reset email so they can set up their own password; we strongly advise that they do not change this back to what it was before, or use the same password for their email account. Only reactivate them and send this when you are 100% sure that they have regained access to their email account and that no one other than them has access to it. To do this you just need to stay on the Manage Relatives or Manage Staff page and click on that cog button at the end row of their name (1). From there select 'Reset Password' (2) and on the next page you just need to press the 'Send Email' button. If there is anything in this tutorial you are unsure of, or you have any concerns about the security of the account, please do not hesitate to contact us at customer.service@eyfs.info.
  10. Hi, Great! I'll add you to the list as well.
  11. Hi, That's great to hear! I will proceed with adding you to our list of attendees. Best wishes, Emily
  12. Now available for the Care Diary is the ability to disable the autocomplete function for food, meal drink, all-day drink, milk feed, sleep care status and sleep care location entries. This feature remembers previous entries, allowing you to select them when typing them out again. Within this tutorial here you can find out how to use this feature.
  13. Hi sueopelt, Welcome to the forum! That's great that you would like to attend this webinar. I've also added you to the list of attendees.
  14. Webinar Suggestions

    You're very welcome!
  15. Webinar Suggestions

    Hi Lionness, Thank you for your lovely comment and for your feedback! When we schedule some more webinars we will definitely take this into consideration and see if we can arrange one to cover assessing the Montessori framework on Tapestry. Best wishes, Emily