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  1. Hi Rachel_Wright, Thank you for your feedback as well. We will keep you updated with any progress we make on this. Best wishes, Emily
  2. Tapestry for children

    What a great idea jennyjenkinz! It might interest you to know as well that adding a child's profile function, so the children can login from there without you having to set them up as a relative, is something that is on our list of things to look into adding to Tapestry!
  3. Age brackets

    Hi Nicky_Prance, I'm afraid it's not possible to change the settings on Tapestry so that a child of say 50 months would be shown as working on track if they were assessed as 40-60 emerging. This is because the age bands themselves are not linear and when calculating whether children are working on track using the refinements each age band has to be split into three. If you are looking at children's summative assessments what you could consider doing is not having the option my colleague Helen mentioned in her reply above, 'Use refinements when assigning the colour coding for whether a child is above, at or below expectations' enabled on your account. This means when looking at the summative assessments the colour coding will only be based on whether a child's actual age falls within their age band. So, if you had a child of 50 months and they were assessed as 40-60 emerging, they would then show as working at their actual age. You can find this setting by going to the Control Panel -> Settings -> Summative Assessments, then in the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' section, you can untick this option if you have it enabled. If you are looking at the attainment scores for a child then I'm afraid it's not possible to change how these are calculated, but you could take a look at some of the other screens to show you attainment. For example the GLD screen will allow you to set the target or the child comparison screen (but only choose one term to see attainment) will just show you where a child is, and won't make a judgement as to whether they are working on track or not. I hope this helps, do let us know if you have any more questions.
  4. Hi Jo, That's great that you would like to sign up to this webinar, I have proceeded with adding you to our list of attendees. We'll be in touch nearer the time with more information. Best wishes, Emily
  5. Hi Katharine, I've added you to the list of attendees for this webinar. Do let us know if you have any questions about it. Best wishes, Emily
  6. Hi Katharine, Sure, I've added you to this list as well. Best wishes, Emily
  7. Hi Katharine, Of course! I've added you to our list of attendees. We'll drop you a message beforehand with information on how to access the webinar. Best wishes, Emily
  8. Hi slaithwaitepg, Yes we do always try and record our webinars for people who are not able to attend. If we are able to record the webinar you will be able to find this in our webinar recordings section here. We can also send over a copy of the presentation we will use to the run webinar, do let us know if you would like a copy of this. Best wishes, Emily
  9. Time stamp on observations

    Hi Clare, I'm very happy to tell you that this feature is something that we are in the process of adding to the app. This will be released on the big update to the app we are currently working on, we will let you know once this is ready. Best wishes, Emily
  10. Hi Mandy, Welcome to the forum! Of course, you are also now on the list of attendees for this webinar. Best wishes, Emily
  11. Help! Log in screen keeps freezing.

    Hi Glitter, I'm really glad to hear you and your parents are loving using Tapestry so far, although I'm very sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. Could I ask you to send in a support ticket to us with the following information so we can investigate further: Is this happening on the app or browser version of Tapestry, or both? If it is the app, what version of this are you using. You can find this information by going to the login page on the app, at the very bottom you will see some writing that starts 'Version...', could you let us know what all of this says. If you are using a laptop or computer to access Tapestry could you tell us what browser you are using to login from, if you're not sure you can check on this website here. Could I also ask you to run this test here on the device you are using to login from and sending the results across to us. We do recommend running this a few times at different times of the day. You can send a support ticket to us by either emailing customer.service@eyfs.info or you can do this through your Tapestry account from the 'Help & Support' section of the Control Panel. Best wishes, Emily
  12. SEND assessment system

    Hi Sarah, Sure, I have emailed a copy of these over to you. Best wishes, Emily
  13. Hi Christina, Also welcome to the forum to you! I have added you to the list of attendees for the webinar, before the webinar you will need to make sure the device you will use to access it has a working speaker, and if you want to be able to ask questions aloud at the end, a working microphone. We do have a chat box available though in case the device you will use does not have a microphone. We also recommend you can access the website zoom.us as this is the software we use to run our webinars. We will then contact you either the day before or the morning of the webinar with information on how to access it. Do let us know if you have any more questions. Best wishes, Emily
  14. Hi Pamela, Welcome to the forum! I hope you are finding your way around okay so far. That's great to hear that you would also like to take part! I've added you to the list and we'll be in touch nearer the time with more information. Best wishes, Emily
  15. Tracking

    Hi Laura, Welcome to the forum and to Tapestry! I hope you are finding your way around the forum okay so far. If you're looking for gaps on your Tapestry account you can take a look at the summative assessment group view, this will show you whether you have any gaps for individual children (by looking horizontally) or for particular aspects (by looking vertically). You can find this screen just by clicking on the 'Tracking' tab at the top of the page and in the 'Summative Assessment' section click on the 'Group view' button. You can learn more about how the summative assessments are calculated on Tapestry from this tutorial. If you are trying to get to grips with observing and assessing on Tapestry I would recommend either signing up to, or watching our previously recorded, webinar called 'How to effectively observe and assess the EYFS framework on Tapestry'. We are next running this webinar on the 25th April; you can sign up from this page here. If you want to watch our previously recorded version you can visit this page here. I hope you find this helpful, do let us know if you have any more questions! Best wishes, Emily