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The Foundation Stage Forum October Newsletter 2022

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Welcome to the FSF October Newsletter

As the reassuring cycles and rhythms of the year continue and we head towards Autumn, early years educators will be far from reassured by continued personnel changes in government roles, or by policy discussions. We have a new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and another new Secretary of State for Education, Gillian KeeganPolicies that have been under discussion recently include giving early years funding to parents rather than to providers, removing ratio rules, and creating new childminder 'agencies'. The sector will be waiting to see what happens next, at a critical time for early years provision. 

Earlier in the month it was Early Years Wellbeing Week (10th to 16th October), founded by author and consultant Kate Moxley. The week focuses on supporting our understanding of mental health literacy, with resources to help us embed this in our workplace communities. You can find out more from the Early Years Wellbeing Week website, and access a free downloadable resource from here.



New Content

This month on the FSF we have a new article by Early Years Practitioner and Tiney home nursery leader Alicia Wilkins, who offers advice to families looking for a school for their child based on her experience as a mum, reminding those of us who work in early years about the emotions that go along with this transition. We also have an article by Caroline Vollans, taking a closer look at one early years centre for children and families, highlighting the far reaching importance of all early years settings.  Read all our articles here.

We also have some new podcast episodes. As part of Early Years Wellbeing Week, Jules and Stephen chatted with Kate Moxley about Mental Health in the early years workplace and what we can do collectively to make change happen. And Anya and Jules recorded a conversation with Ana Elisa Miranda, teacher and linguist, about her own experience of learning new languages, and what educators can do to welcome children and families who are learning English. Remember, you can find all our podcast episodes from this link, or from your favourite podcast provider.  

At Tapestry HQ, some updates have been made to the newly released Booking feature. You can find out more about Booking on Tapestry.info.

October is Tapestry’s 10th Birthday! Everyone at Tapestry HQ would like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to educators for the dedicated work you do with children and families in your communities.

Wishing you all a good month,

Helen, Steve and all of us at the FSF and Tapestry

From The Forum

Podcast: The importance of an oracy rich learning environment

We hear from education consultant Sejal Payne in this podcast episode. Sejal talks about oracy, its link with literacy, how it supports children’s learning across their development and curriculum, and what educators need to consider for children who are bi/multilingual.

During the discussion, Sejal references a few resources/further reading. You can find links to them here...

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