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Senior Lecturer Jayne Garcia looks at some of the theory related to transition between home and early years setting, and shares advice on how to make sure your setting is ready for each child.
Childminder Doreen Barton describes a typical day full of adventure and love with the children she cares for. 
Lecturer, ex-preschool manager and early years teacher Emma Davis takes a closer look at what wellbeing can mean for our early years teams, and how supporting wellbeing can be embedded in the ethos of our settings. 
Maths consultant Sharon Day begins a three part series on Maths in the early years.
In part two of Sharon Day's maths series, we look at maths for 2 to 4 years olds, and the concepts of subitising and conserving. 
In the final part of her series on Maths, Sharon Day explores how to support children aged 4-5 years old in all areas of your provision. 
Early Years Educator Richard Waite shares his passion for helping us all to understand the importance of sharing technology with young children. 
In this article, Caroline Vollans hears from voices in the sector about the exclusion of our youngest children. 
Early years educator and academic Clarissa Frigerio reflects on her research about the life experiences of men in early years education. 
Caroline Vollans finds out more about the Stronger Practice Hubs that are being formed with the aim of supporting evidence based professional development and to share good practice.